Practice Overview

Business Litigation
Trials, Appeals, and ADR

For over thirty years, James Burnett has represented business and individuals in state and federal court, and before local, state, and federal administrative and regulatory agencies. His focus on cost-efficient, innovate case development serves to present your claim or defense in the most effective manner possible.

Protecting Trade Secrets
Guarding Your Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property deserves protection. James Burnett has a long affiliation with technology clients and he can work with you to determine what method (copyright, patent, trademark, etc.) will protect your interests best. The same applies to the agreements to market and license your technology.

Cloud Computing
Keeping Your Interests Safe Online

The cyber-world is a constantly, rapidly changing one. Many attorneys don’t stay current on the developments in this vital business field. Whether you work with IAAS, PAAS, or SAAS, James Burnett can help you advance your enterprise and safeguard your interests.

Personal Legal Services
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Though his practice is predominately commercial, it is not exclusively so. He believes that clients should integrate their legal counsel, not only in their business, but in their personal legal matters as well. Whether you need legal documents for estate planning, for changing family situations, or for other personal matters, James Burnett is here to help you.

The Law Office of James J. Burnett

I have practiced law in the Houston, Texas area for more than thirty years. I have represented individuals and business entities ranging from small, closely-held companies to large enterprises with national and international operations. I have handled cases throughout Texas, in state and federal court, and in federal courts in Arizona and California.


Is there any charge for the initial consultation?
No. Your first consultation is free and you are under no obligation. If you wish to retain me, we will discuss how that works at that time.
Will my case be confidential?
Absolutely. The Code of Professional Responsibility mandates that attorney-client communications are confidential. I will protect all confidential information you provide to me to the greatest degree permitted by law.
How do you bill?
I handle most commercial cases on an hourly fee. I bill in increments of one-tenth of an hour. I do not add any “cost-plus” factor to expenses you may incur in your case. In some cases I represent clients on a contingent fee basis. This means my fee is a percentage of the amount I recover.


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