The Second World War: Global Fury (TM)

(c) 2008 by James J. Burnett

The Second World War: Global Fury is a gameset for HPS Simulations, Inc.'s engine Aide de Camp 2. Global Fury consists of three separate modules, allowing players to recreate the Second World War in each or all of three separate theaters: The Atlantic Theater (the European Theater of Operations, the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, and the Russian Front), the African Theater (Italian East Africa, Sudan, and Kenya), and the Pacific Theater (covering an area from India in the west to east of the Hawaiian Islands in the east, and from the Far East region of the Soviet Union in the north to Tasmania in the south). A single rules set and comprehensive orders of battle for the minor nations and production systems for the major nations permit players to refight the war their way. Air units represent squadrons of carrier-borne aircraft or groups of land-based aircraft. Ground units range from artillery batteries to battalions, regiments, brigades, divisions, and corps. Naval units represent individual warships, submarines, transports, and tankers, and flotillas of coastal shipping craft. Each turn represents one week of actual time.

Storm Over Europe covers the European, the Mediterranean, and the Russian Front Theaters of Operation. It ranges from Morocco to the Ural Mountains, and from Norway to the entrances to the Red Sea. Off-map movement zones permit players to wage the Battle of the Atlantic from the Polar Routes to the entrance to the Indian Ocean. Each hex is sixteen miles across. All the European nations of the time have their own orders of battle. The off-map links allow players to move forces from this theater to the African or Pacific Theaters, which they play on the Italian East Africa and the Pacific Typhoon maps.

The Italian East Africa gameset permits players to recreate the fighting in Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Sudan. Off-map links permit players to transfer forces from the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters, and vice-versa. This gameset uses the same map scale as Storm Over Europe.

The map for Pacific Typhoon extends from central India to the Pacific Ocean east of the Hawaiian Islands and from the Aleutian Islands to south of New Zealand. Map scales range from 1.5 to 2.0 times that of the other gamesets but game turns continue to represent one week of actual time.

A fourth gameset permits players to conduct surface naval combat on a tactical scale. Hexes on this map (not shown) are 1,000 yards across and turns represent ten minutes of real time. The naval combat routine permits players to explore any type of surface engagement that may develop on the main maps in some detail, yet it is a relatively simple system that permits quick play.

Over 5,000 classes represent the ground, air, and naval forces, and players can use these classes on any of the main maps. Have you ever wondered what might have happened if the Japanese carriers had reached the Atlantic Ocean? Now you can see for yourself. What would have occurred if the Wehrmacht sent troops to the Pacific? You can send them and find out what results. Storm Over Europe and Italian East Africa use a campaign that begins in September, 1939. With Pacific Typhoon, you have two campaigns, one beginning when the war in Europe did and oe beginning with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Both campaigns can be synchronized to the European campaign. You can start them all together, or start with the Atlantic and use the historical beginning of the Pacific war. As the Japanese player, you can bring the United States into the war before 7 December 1941 by attacking earlier. The choices are yours.

Global Fury is freeware. It comes complete with rules, orders of battle, and regular and pbem sequences of play in Adobe PDF format (you will need Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to read these files), the ADC2 gamesets, and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel format for the game charts and tables and the spreadsheets for all the major powers that permit players to control production, replacements, logistical matters, and all the other housekeeping necessary to keep a major war running.

You can download the files necessary to play this game below. You can also download them via the files section of my Yahoo Group for this gameset.

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25 June 2012: I have updated the Storm Over Europe map. You can download the entire gameset or the map.


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